RED-Alert project kicks off in Bucharest!

RED-Alert project kicks off in Bucharest!

The first official meeting of the RED-Alert project took place between 14th-15th of June, 2017.

SIVECO S.A. Romania, project coordinator, was the host of the meeting which gathered all the partners of the consortium in Bucharest, Romania.

RED-Alert project involves 16 partners from 8 countries:

  • SIVECO Romania SA -Romania
  • Information Catalyst for Enterprise LTD (ICE)-United Kingdom
  • Usatges BCN 21 SL(INSIKT)-Spain
  • Intu-View Ltd (INT)-Israel
  • Maven Seven Solutions Zartkoruen Mukodo Reszvenytarsag (MAV)-Hungary
  • Malta Information Technology Law Association (MITLA)-Malta
  • International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT)- Israel
  • Eötvös Loránd Tudomanyegyetem (ELTE)- Hungary
  • City University of London (CITY)- United Kingdom
  • Birmingham City University (BCU)- United Kingdom
  • Mayor’s Office For Policing And Crime (So15) – United Kingdom
  • Ministere De L’interieur Centre de lutte Contre les Criminalités Numériques (C3N)-France
  • Serviciul de Protecție și Pază (SPP)-Romania
  • Ministry of Public Security Israel National Police (MOPS INP)- Israel
  • Ministerio Del Interior-Guardia Civil (GUCI)-Spain
  • Serviciul de Protectie si Paza de Stat (SPPS)-Republic of Moldova


The Kick of Meeting was opened by Mr. Florin Ilia, SIVECO CEO, which highlighted the importance of the project for SIVECO and the importance of this project in the world today and the new approach of fighting terrorism through social media data analysis.

A detailed presentation of the SIVECO Romania profile was made by Monica Florea, Project Manager of RED-Alert project.

All the partners presented their competences related to RED-Alert project key results and corresponding involvement in the project.

The project will be implemented under 11 work packages (WP). All the WP’s were presented by each WP leader as strategy, activities, deadlines, effort, constraints, interdependencies and risks:

  • WP1 -System Specifications & Architecture-Lead SIVECO
  • WP2 -Social Language Processing -Lead INSIKT
  • WP3 -Social Network Analysis -Lead ELTE
  • WP4 -Complex Event Processing-Lead ICE
  • WP5 -Privacy, Visualization and Meta-Learning – Lead CITY
  • WP6 -Solution Integration & Documentation – Lead SIVECO
  • WP7 -LEA Pilots – Lead ICT
  • WP8 -Dissemination & Ecosystem Development –Lead ICT
  • WP9 -Exploitation & Scaling Up – Lead INSKT
  • WP10-Management – Lead SIVECO
  • WP11-Ethics requirements – Lead SIVECO


Next consortium meeting will be held in March 2018.