D 8.6 Final Dissemination Report

This report details the extensive dissemination activities of the Horizon 2020 RED-Alert project during a 16 months period starting in June 2019 and ending in September 2020. The duration of the project was extended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, this report will summarize the entire dissemination activities throughout the duration of the RED-Alert project, starting in June 2017.

The dissemination activities were undertaken by all 15 project consortium members, led by the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT).

The report details the various methods of dissemination of the project used throughout the covered period of the project, including websites, social media outlets, newsletters, articles and publications, press-releases, events, meetings and conferences. These efforts have been done on the consortium platforms as well as on each consortium member’s platforms (individual efforts).

During the period from June 2019 to September 2020, the RED-Alert project has published five newsletters and  116 posts on social media with an average monthly reach of 7,868 on Twitter, 902 on Facebook and 767 on LinkedIn, and 882 followers in all social media platforms. The partners have published 13 peer reviewed articles and 34 non-peer reviewed articles, including one peer reviewed article and three joint non-peer reviewed articles. Representatives from each partner have participated in 3 conferences and events and three courses.

During the whole project duration 310 posts were published on social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), 11 newsletters were distributed and 10 press releases were published. The partners published 94 non-peer reviewed articles and 21 peer reviewed articles, they have participated in 117 events (including events that were postponed due to Covid-19), 11 courses and 60 meetings in which they presented the RED-Alert project.

Read the full deliverable here: D8.6_Dissemination_Report_29.09.2020