D10.4 – Societal Impact Report

The present document is the deliverable 10.4 “D10.4 – Societal Impact Report” of the RED-Alert project.

According to the requirements of the Red Alert project, this report analyzes mainly the impact on the potential beneficiaries of the solution developed within the project. The report presents the benchmark for the analysis of the evolution of the level of use of the solution and the level of accuracy of the results provided by the RED-Alert system, during the life of the project.

The conclusions of this report consist of information that will bring the necessary improvements to increase the level of use of the solution developed in this project. The present deliverable is divided into two parts. First, a synthetic overview of the state of the art of Societal Impact Assessment (SIA) is provided. Second, the results of a series of semi-structured interviews with a selected group of stakeholders are given. Finally, we set forth conclusions meant to facilitate and orient the necessary improvements for the remaining years of the project.

The indicators regarding the social impact, for RED-Alert project having an implementation period of 3 years and as targeting a period 5 years and 10 years after the completion of the implementation, are described into the section 5.2 Societal Impact from Annex 1 Part B, Description of action of the Grant Agreement.

Read the full deliverable here: D10 4 Societal Impact Report Red Alert v0 8