Data anonymization tool 

The rapidly increasing use of social network platforms has made these platforms an eminent source for tracking one’s movement and interests [15]. This has also increased interest of Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) in using these platforms to identify terrorist organizations that tend to use these venues to exploit/recruit vulnerable individuals. Nevertheless, in light of data protection regulation, access to such a vast source of information by LEAs is highly limited.
This report within WP5: “Privacy, Visualization and Meta-Learning”, namely D5.2: “Data anonymization tool” explains in detail the tool that is developed in the RED-Alert project that allows LEAs to process social network data in accordance with applicable data protection law and practice. The Data Anonymization Tool anonymizes user identifiers and allows only privileged users to de-anonymize the identity of a person. The tool also anonymizes user location and images to ensure user identity/data privacy. The report also explains in detail how the Data Anonymization Tool is built and how it can be used with help of screenshots.

D5 2 Data Anonymization Tool