Data visualization report

In the past couple of years, social network platforms have emerged as one of the key source for information dissemination. They are known for the discretion they provide their users. Terrorist organization tend to exploit this benefit of social network platforms and use them for their personal gains such as proponent recruitment and propaganda proliferation. The RED-Alert solution focuses on identifying such entities with the use of efficient Natural Language Processing (NLP), Social Network Analysis (SNA) and Complex Event Processing (CEP) algorithms. The output generated by such algorithms would take immense time to be processed if it is kept in a tabular form and to overcome this issues, the Data Visualization Tool focuses takes the tabular data as input and represents it in the form of a graphical structure that adapts based on a number of configurable parameters.
This report within WP5: “Privacy, Visualization and Meta-Learning”, namely D5.4: “Data visualisation tool” explains in detail the tool that is developed in the RED-Alert project that allows LEAs to visualise the processed social network data in accordance with applicable data protection law and practice. The report also explains in detail how the Data visualization tool is built and how it can be used with help of screenshots.

D5 4 Visualization Tool PRE FINAL-17.08.2018