ENPPF – the European Network for Protection of Public Figures Meeting

From 1 January to 30 June 2019, Romania holds the six-month rotating Presidency of the European Union. This is the first mandate for Romania which has the possibility to imprint its national vision on the strategic debates concerning the future of the European project, to directly contribute to the process for its consolidation, and to promote parts of the European agenda which the country finds important.

Between 26th and 28th of March 2018, as permanent member, SPP hosted the plenary meeting of ENPPF – the European Network for Protection of Public Figures. SPP currently holds the chairmanship of the ENPPF’s General Coordination Group, during Romania’s presidency of the EU Council. The meeting in Bucharest was attended by high representatives from 28 countries and 5 specialized institutions within the EU.

Among the themes approached by the participants, it was the impact of the technological development on the dignitaries’ protection activity. A presentation session of the scientific research projects carried out by SPP within the framework of the H2020 Framework Program and within the National Plan of Scientific Research, was done. During this session, the RED-Alert project was also presented.