Insikt Intelligence’s mission is use complex data technologies to create easy-to-use tools for helping Law Enforcement Agencies gain vital intelligence from digital sources. We apply Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques to live data streams for instant detection of critical issues happening online. Insikt’s mission is to harness our technology for the good of society by putting tools with the potential to prevent crime and save lives in the hands of LEAs who struggle to find meaning in the data deluge produced by social media.
Insikt was founded by a tandem team of scientist (Guillem Garcia, Chief Scientific Officer) and business leader (Jennifer Woodard, CEO) as a result of years working together in NLP and real-time data processing and analysis at other companies (Jennifer on the business side and Guillem on the Scientific side), where they helped clients all over the world discover hidden insights in Big Social Data.
Our shared ambitious dream of making Europe a safer place through our technology is what unites and drives us to push the limits of what is “possible”. Thanks to this shared drive, we have been able to, in a relatively short period of time, position ourselves as innovative providers of intelligence solutions to LEA in Europe.