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NetSci 2020 Conference, September 2020

Representatives from ELTE presented two posters on the NetSci 2020 Conference, Rome during September 22-23, 2020.

Title: “Hierarchical and control properties of networks”, Authors: Gergely Palla, Péter Pollner, István Csabai

Title: “Angular optimisation in the hyperbolic embedding of complex networks”, Authors: Bianka Kovács and Gergely Palla

MECO 45 (The 45th Conference of the Middle European Cooperation in Statistical Physics), September 2020

The conference is the 45th in a series of meetings of scientists working in the domain of Statistical Mechanics and Condensed Matter Physics.

MAV representatives presented some of the RED-Alert project results and presented a poster titled “Modeling hierarchical and modular network of organizations”.

Community of Users’ Workshop on Research Data in Fighting Crime and Terrorism – Ethical and Legal Clarifications, June 2020

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Cybershare Conference 2020. Online Event, May 2020

On May 29, 2020 Dr. Monica Florea participated in the online event “Cybershare Conference 2020” and presented the RED-Alert project to participants.

Torino, Italy Workshop, February 2020

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Trilateral Workshop, February 2020

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The New Great Game in the Middle East, February 2020

Security Mission Information & Innovation Group (SMI2G) at Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL), January 2020

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Workshop on Research Data in Fighting Crime and Terrorism, January 2020

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Security Symposium, December 2019

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Complex Networks 2019, December 2019

Complex Networks is one of the largest conference on network theory especially designed for providing a platform where most recent related research works can be displayed and portrayed.

ELTE presented the results of latest research works on network theory and its applications, which were done at ELTE, Department of Biological Physics and supported by RED-Alert.

Security Research Event 2019 (SRE2019), November 2019

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Next 100 Years, November 2019

HOMEAFFAIRS 2019 – 5th Internal Security Forum, November 2019

Regional Workshop in the Field of Close Protection, November 2019

The workshop was attended by the teams from the Protection Services of Romania, Georgia, Ukraine and Bulgaria. During the theoretical classes the representatives of SPPS delivered a short presentation on Red-Alert and its purposes.

International Scientific Conference: Long Term Security Environment Challenges, November 2019

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EC: Security Research Event 2019 (SRE2019), November 2019

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Offsite Training Weekend, September 2019

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ICT’s 19th Annual World Summit on Counter-Terrorism, September 2019

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Meeting of the Community of Users on Secure, Safe, Resilient Societies, September 2019

Terrorism and Social Media: International Conference 2019, June 2019

EIS conference, June 2019

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bilateral cyber working group of Israel and Germany, June 2019

Statistical and Biological Physics Workshop, May 2019

Network science course, Babes-Bolyai University, May 2019

Trivalent LEAs Workshop, Tirana Albania, May 2019

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Future of Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism and Technology, April 2019

A special seminar held by ICT experts in participation with experts from the Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC) at Stanford.

Training Course on National Security and Defence, April 2019

SPPS officers participated in the Training Course on National Security and Defence. The Course was held in Romania, in Bucharest.  The SPPS officers delivered a presentation on SPPS activity. In the course of the presentation the SPPS representative Sergiu Prodan, presented the Red-Alert and its objectives.

Paris Content Policy Research Initiative Workshop of Facebook, April 2019

The workshop discussed Facebook’s policymaking and operations in the field of hate speech and preventing offline harm, dangerous groups and individuals and the future of research collaboration in these field.

70 Years to NATO, April 2019

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13th Meeting of the Community of Users on Secure, Safe, Resilient Societies, March 2019.

H2020 Secure Societies 2019 Info Day and Brokerage Event, March 2019

Law Enforcement Female International Conference, February 2019

SPPS officer Vulpe Irina attended the Law Enforcement Female International Conference held in Budva, Montenegro, within the period of 17-24 February 2019. In the course of this event the SPPS officer presented the information about SPPS and on its current projects, mainly on Red-Alert together with the main objectives and the expected outcomes of the Project.

SMI2G Meeting 2019, January 2019

The SMI2G focuses on the features of Horizon 2020 (H2020) with the view of exchanging information on the Secure Societies calls to stimulate networking and consortia building. The objective is to give the delegates the opportunity to create ideas and find partners for each open research call of the EU security research programme.

Workshop on Ideology and Polarisation, January 2019

European Projects on Societal Security and Extremism: Exchanging Ideas and Practices, December 2018

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Complex Networks 2018, Cambridge, Uk, December 2018

Dante Workshop, November 2018

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Big Data London 2018, November 2018

GARI conference “Next 100 years in Artificial Intelligence”, November 2018

Threat Identification through Monitoring of Social Media, November 2018

European Values Conference, November 2018

INT gave a presentations on: “Prevention of Islamic Extremism in Liberal Democracies”; “Strategic Solutions for Countering Islamic Extremism”; “Artificial Intuition Technology for Defense and Security”.

Next 100 Years, November 2018

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European Values Think tanks – Internal Security Forum Prague, November 2018

Security & Counter Terror Expo: London, UK, November 2018

Dante project (Detecting and ANalysing TErrorist-related online contents and financing activities) Workshop, November 2018

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RAN Radicalization Seminar, October 2018

Representatives from SIV participated in a radicalization seminar hosted in Amsterdam, Netherlands, by RAN project (Radicalization Awareness Network).

The seminar participants discussed research results, possible uses for the prevent work and determined research needs of academics and academics.

EODF conference, October 2018

András Vicsek, CEO and Co-Founder of Maven7 attended the EODF conference where he shared the goal of the RED-Alert project and the role of Maven7 in it with the conference participants.

Tech Against Terrorism & the Global Internet Forum to Counter-Terrorism, October 2018

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ICT’s 18th International Conference on Counter-Terrorism, September 2018

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ARES Conference, August 2018

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SNAA conference, August 2018

The international conference series on Advances in Social Network Analysis and Mining provides an interdisciplinary venue that brings together researchers and practitioners from a broad variety of fields to promote collaborations and exchange of ideas and practices. The conference solicits empirical, experimental, methodological, and theoretical research reporting original and unpublished results on social network analysis and mining along with applications.

ARES 2018 Conference, August 2018

1st International Workshop on Research & Innovation for Secure Societies – RISS 2018, June 2018

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The International Homeland Security Forum, June 2018

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ISS World Europe, June 2018

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HR professional conference, June 2018

András Vicsek, the CEO and Co-founder of Maven7 attended an HR professional conference in Leipzig at the beginning of June. András gave a speech at the conference in front of HR professionals where he also presented the RED-Alert project as a reference project Maven7 has been participating.

Netsci 2018, June 2018

The conference aims at gathering scholars belonging to different fields of complex systems working at the interface of network theory and game theory at both a theoretical and applied frameworks.

Barcelona Security Forum, May 2018

Black Sea Defence & Aerospace, May 2018

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identification, Cataloguing and Analysis of Terrorist Still Imagery Online, May 2018

Maven7 presented the RED-Alert project in a workshop with SPARK Institute at IBS in Hungary, April 2018

Startup Olé, April 2018

INSKT exhibited at this high tech event and shared information about their participation in the RED-Alert project.

National Law Enforcement Agencies Workshop, March 2018

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ENPPF – the European Network for Protection of Public Figures Meeting, March 2018

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The New Fronts of ISIS, March 2018

Workshop on “ISIS to Where?” (The Frances Brody Institute for Applied Diplomacy, TAU).

A strategic analysis of the situation in the Middle East, March 2018

SCTX: Security and Counter Terror Expo, March 2018

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H2020 Secure Societies 2018 Brokerage Event, March 2018

As part of INSKT’s participation in the event they networked with Secure Societies community and shared information about RED -Alert.

Information Catalyst at Big Data World 2018, March 2018

From March the 21-22, 2018 ICE attended, with an exhibition booth, the London Technology Show within the Big Data World Expo section.

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Security Mission Information & Innovation Group, February 2018

INSKT attended this international security event and took the opportunity to highlight their participation in the project.

Principles of Professional Training of the Personnel, February 2018

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Maven7 presented the Red-Alert project in an online webinar, February 2018

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ICUR, the International Security Exhibition, February 2018

Cybertech conference, Tel Aviv, January 2018

The Israel National Police cyber-crime unit was one of the co-organizers of Cybertech conference held between 29th-31st, January 2018

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CYBERTECH conference, January 2018

The Egyptian Sufi role in Fighting Extremism, January 2018

An International Workshop “From Thawrat 1919 to the Arab Spring: A Century of Egyptian History Reconsidered”.

Radicalization Workshop, December 2017

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RED-Alert in The European Commission’s workshop, December 2017

Representatives of projects who are dealing with radicalization, participated in this workshop. The main topics that were discussed during the workshop were the Synergy between the different projects and dissemination.

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NATO Advanced Training Course – – Countering Terrorism: Training and Informative Operation, December 2017

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Conference on Radical Islam, Henry Jackson Society, December 2017

The 6th International Conference on Complex Networks and Their Applications, November-December 2017

ELTE representatives were invited to give a lecture on the subject of “Measuring the stability of complex hierarchical networks”.

Information Catalyst at Big Data London, November 2017

From November the 15th-16th ICE represented RED-Alert in the Big Data London event.  The show was advertised as the largest data and analytics event in the UK

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Nexus of Global Jihad: Understanding Cooperation Among Terrorist Actors, November 2017

United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED) Global Research Network, November 2017

RAN Radicalization Seminar, October 2017

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ISDEF – Panel – The Art of Countering the Islamic State, June 2017

2017 Office of Net Assessment Summer Study Workshop, June 2017


Research & Innovation for Secure Societies presentation, Dr. Monica Florea