RED-Alert in The European Commission’s workshop, Brussels 2017

RED-Alert in The European Commission’s workshop, Brussels 2017

The European Commission, Directorate – General Migration and Home Affairs organized a workshop on 05 December 2017 in Brussels under the title “Enhancing efforts to prevent and counter radicalization leading to violent extremism and terrorism and to improve coordination and cooperation between all relevant stakeholders”.

Representatives of the following projects, all are dealing with radicalization, participated in this workshop: CONTRA, DANTE, FIRST LINE, LIAISE II, MINDb4ACT, PERICLES, PRACTICIES, RED-Alert, SAFFRON, STRESAVORIA II, TENSOR, TRIVALENT and VOX-Pol. RED-Alert project was represented by Dr. Monica Florea and Mr. Uri Ben Yaakov.

The main topics that were discussed during the workshop were the Synergy between the different projects and dissemination.

One of the suggestions concerning the information sharing was to use the European Foresight Platform (EFP) , a platform for communities and individual that want to share their knowledge. This platform can be use by the above projects as center of shared knowledge.

Another suggestion was a shared calendar in which the different projects can get information about the other projects schedule of events.

The Radicalization Awareness Network (RAN) is the leading European institution dealing with radicalization. Its representative, Mary, suggested us to use the organization’s website for dissemination purposes, as well as source of information. We can get help from the organization with their online systems, especially with addressing our results to relevant practitioners.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) can be use as a source of information for researches that have to do with counter terrorism in general and radicalization in particular.

ILEA net is a Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) practitioners network focused on research & innovation addressing LEA challenges, together with a community of individuals interested to exchange and collaborate in this area.