RED-Alert Pilot Training

Part of the pilot phase of the RED-Alert project, the initial training session, has been organized on 16 and 17 July 2019 in Bucharest.

The RED-Alert LEAs discussed with the technical team and have gathered the access to the test and development system for hands-on training.

The RED-Alert system architecture has been presented for refreshing the overall system view at the beginning of the session. During the two days of training, the system modules have been operated into the integrated flow of a case scenario. The LEAs access has allowed the creation of various operational tasks and also to use different user roles in order to understand the actions of each role along the workflow. The provided user manual has been used for reference together with the other project deliverable documents.

The LEAs have benefitted of the presence of the development team for getting direct answers to the questions and issued an initial set of comments regarding the system interface.

The test and environment system remains open with secure remote access to all the users along the pilot phase for continuous training and also for replication of the issues that might be encountered during the pilot operation.

The session was concluded with a presentation for the pilot phase of the RED-Alert project including an overall plan for upcoming activities.