Security Research Event 2019 (SRE2019)

Ms. Monica Florea, Siveco participated in an event organized by EC: Security Research Event 2019 (SRE2019) during 6-7 November 2019 at Helsinki Congress Paasitorni, in Helsinki, Finland.

Building on the outcomes of the previous SRE that took place in Brussels in 2018, the main theme of the 2019 event was “Building Bridges: Promoting Market Uptake by Reinforcing Synergies Between Security Research and Other Funding Instruments”.  As such, SRE 2019  emphasized the need to further structure collaboration between different funding schemes in order to ensure the successful market uptake of any positive outcome of security research.

Ms. Florea participated at the panel “Reducing the Accessibility of Terrorist Content Online” together
with TENSOR and DANTE projects.