LEA Pilot

The objective of the pilot is to demonstrate the impact of the technologies that were developed during the course of the project.

This objective had been achieved in 4 different tasks:

Task 7.1: Deployment of the system and LEAs training:

  • To deploy the system in a simulated real-life environment (a test server at each LEA, separated from their production systems).
  • Comprehensive training for using the system (presentation of the platform, its functionalities, overall understanding of the solution).

Task 7.2: Operating the system and collect individual LEA feedbacks – To align the overall functionalities of the system to sustaining daily activities of LEAs analysts and adapt the solution such that the transition to the real live environment can be smoothly achieved.

  • Testing the system’s functionalities
  • Collecting feedbacks from the LEAs
  • Providing the feedbacks to the tech partners

Task 7.3: Joint-exercise involving

  • Red Team – streaming mixed data (simulate malicious activities & none malicious ones).
  • Blue team (LEAs) – identifying  the malicious activities by using the Red-Alert system.

Task 7.4: Evaluate pilot results and provide feedback for improvement – Combining all information from the different stages of the pilot, assessing the RED-Alert system on 3 main categories:

  • Usability
  • Flexibility
  • Accuracy