Work overview

Work package 1 – System Specifications & Architecture

1.1 Define the LEA use cases
1.2 Specify the technical requirements of the RED-Alert solution
1.3 Specify the commercial requirements of the RED-Alert solution
1.4 Specify the legal requirements of the RED-Alert solution
1.5 Design the overall system architecture

Work package 2 – Social Language Processing

2.1 Develop terrorism-specific classifiers
2.2 Implement deep learning algorithms
2.3 Implement linguistic feature identification and extraction
2.4 Implement audio, image and video feature extraction

Work package 3 – Social Network Analysis

3.1 Implement network dynamics and temporal network structure models
3.2 Implement link prediction models
3.3 Implement hierarchy reconstructing methods

Work package 4 – Complex Event Processing

4.1 Convert social streams in readable event streams compatible with ontology analysis
4.2 Develop an event driven inference mechanism to cope with uncertainty
4.3 Implement the inference mechanism

Work package 5 – Privacy, Visualization and Meta-Learning

5.1 Develop a privacy-preserving tool
5.2 Implement data visualization tools
5.3 Implement meta-learning processes

Work package 6 – Solution Integration

6.1 Integrate RED-Alert components into the RED-Alert solution
6.2 Integrate the RED-Alert solution with third party LEA solutions
6.3 Testing and QA
6.4 Develop the SDk and documentation

Work package 7 – LEA Pilots

7.1 Deploy the system and train LEAs
7.2 Operate the system and collect individual LEA feedback
7.3 Conduct joint-exercise involving several LEAs
7.4 Evaluate the pilot results and provide feedback for improvement

Work package 8 – Dissemination & Ecosystem Development

8.1 Develop the project website and intranet
8.2 Develop and implement the dissemination plan
8.3 Market dissemination and ecosystem development
8.4 Manage EU collaboration

Work package 9 – Exploitation & Scaling Up

9.1 Developing the exploitation strategy and plan
9.2 Developing business cases for exploitation
9.3 Manage project IPR

Work package 10 – Management

10.x Periodic reports

Work package 11 – Ethics requirements

11.x Requirement