Exploitation plan update

The RED-Alert platform will provide LEAs with a novel, robust terrorism monitoring and detection tool for online propaganda and radicalization activities, which will support Counter Terrorism Units fighting and decision making in the field.

The current deliverable, D9.2: Exploitation plan final update is the final version of D9.1 that covers the societal and related trends, the target user groups, a SWOT analysis, the business plan of the partners and the expected impact.

The final version includes the redefinition of the partners’ business model and a common business approach, including a deeper understanding of the impact of the RED-Alert project in all of them. Not only regarding the future exploitation of the solution but also concerning the impact of the technological and methodological advances in their business models.

Regarding the SWOT analysis, a new threat has been identified: The increasing concerns about the data privacy social media data usage for project purposes.

Also, the deliverable includes the first evaluation of the IPR strategy associated risks. Important: The text in italics corresponds to the content of the deliverable 9.1. All the non-italic text is the updated content.