ICT’s 18th International Conference on Counter-Terrorism

The RED-Alert project was represented by three partners during ICT’s 18th World Summit: International Conference on Counter-Terrorism, which took place during Septmber 3-6, 2018 Dr. Jennifer Woodard, INSIKT CEO, and Mr. Yaniv Azani, MOPS-INP Chief Technology Officer presented their organizations’ involvement in the project during the workshop: “Counter-Terrorism & Emerging Technologies: AI, Crypto, and Big Data”.



“Every investegiation that involves 5+ actors, results in 5-10 terabytes of data to analyse. Big data fusion often allows us to identify new actors and organizations that we did not know were connected otherwise”.
Mr. Yaniv Azani

“AI is our best weapon in taking down ISIS content. We’re trying to teach machines to recognize this content, so that people can take down this content. We are possibly missing 90% of extremist content out there due to data scarcity”.
Dr. Jennifer Woodard


Lt. Col. (Res.) Uri Ben-Yaakov, Senior Researcher & Director of Development, ICT, IDC Herzliya, Israel opened the planery session “Lone Wolves: Threat & Response” with a presentation of a pioneering project conducted by the ICT on the psychological profiles of lone-wolf terrorists. The research included three primary components. The first was the compilation of data obtained from cataloguing lone wolf attacks in Israel between 2015 and 2017. The second involved a series of psychological and sociological tests conducted on imprisoned perpetrators of lone-wolf attacks, and the third included a set of interviews, also conducted with the inmates. The research concluded that there is no singular motive for most perpetrators of lone-wolf attacks, but rather a combination.