Use Cases

Law Enforcement Agency: Use Case Scenarios (Short introduction of D1.2 : LEA use case scenarios)

The main objective of Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) Use Case Scenarios is to gather and analyse the scenarios proposed by the LEA partners, in order identify and describe the initial high-level user requirements of the RED-Alert project. These requirements will be further detailed and extended into the technical, commercial and legal requirements specifications respectively. Furthermore, they will feed into the design of the RED-Alert overall system architecture, towards the development and integration of the platform’s components into a complete toolset that will deliver the vision of the RED-Alert project.

The vision of RED-Alert project is to develop and validate a real-time system able to facilitate the timely identification of terrorism-related content by summarizing large volumes of data from social media and other online sources (such as blogs, forums).

The RED-Alert solution will combine AI methods with SNA and NLP technologies to detect anomalies in content production, content nature, content spread in order to provide early detection of terrorist activities. The input from AI, SNA and NLP technologies will be fed into a CEP engine in order to predict potential threat areas via patterns in content and content production, allowing the LEAs to monitor, detect or take action on online terrorist content (Figure below).

The advent of the internet has provided the world with new and never-before imagined possibilities. While the internet has been used to positively advance the world as we know it, it has also been taken advantage of by criminals and terrorists. Today’s terrorists use the internet for a variety of purposes such as propaganda, recruitment, radicalization, financing, training, planning and execution of attacks.

In order to better understand the current needs of law enforcement agencies in combating terror use of the internet, the RED-Alert team surveyed LEA partners in the project and asked them to provide examples of radicalization. These examples are presented in Deliverable 1.2 as case studies and formed the basis for deriving the use cases that will be supported by the RED-Alert solution, alongside a review of the scientific literature on the subject matter, and finally the prioritized list of identified initial user requirements, using an iterative approach.